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Eligible Suppliers and Installers of Building Integrated Photovoltaics

The Participating Banks appoint suppliers and installers, which are enlisted as Eligible Installers for the REECL Programme provided that the Project Consultant verifies that the nominees for Eligible Installers can adequately demonstrate that they have: (i) necessary registration and licences to supply and install Eligible Technologies; (ii) adequate insurance; (iii) qualified staff to install Eligible Technologies in accordance with the local legislation and professional standards for workmanship; (iv) capacity to maintain installed Eligible Technologies; (v) adequate resources and ability to implement Eligible Technologies of a good quality, on schedule, and within budget. The Participating Banks may delegate some sales and marketing responsibilities to the Eligible Installers under partnership arrangements.

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Геосонда 90 ООД
address: Велико Търново
  бул. България № 43
phone: 0888 143 811, 0888 046 666
mobile: 0888 143 811, 0888 046 666
e-mail: geosonda@abv.bg
web: www.geosonda90.hit.bg
Проектиране, доставка, монтаж и пуск на слънчеви водонагревателни системи.

Елва-90 ЕООД
address: Свиленград
  ул. "Д-р Страшимир Дочков” № 21 А
phone: 0877 895 160
mobile: 0888 265 738
e-mail: elva90@abv.bg
web: www.elva90.com
Доставка и монтаж на слънчеви водонагревателни системи.

Свободна енергия ЕООД
address: Смолян
  бул. "Булгария" № 6
phone: 0301 695 94
mobile: 0878 655 531
e-mail: s.kadev@abv.bg
Доставка и монтаж на слънчеви воднагревателни системи с продукти на фирми "SUNSYSTEM", "BOSCH".

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