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Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line
Eligibility criteria for solar water heater to be financed under the REECL Programme


Solar thermal systems for hot water generation, direct or indirect, including collectors, storage tanks, control units, piping and with or without associated space heating and DHW systems products including systems for space heating.

Eligibility Criteria:

Flat plate collectors:

Conversion factor: > 0.70, Loss coefficient a1: < 4 W/m² K

Evacuated tube collectors:

Conversion factor: > 0.70, Loss coefficient a1: < 2 W/m² K

All heat emitters are to be provided with thermostat control (radiators with thermostatic valves, fan-coils with room thermostats, etc)


Conformity Requirement:

CE Marking or CE Marking (Solar Keymark) or Certificates of conformity issues by accredited institution in EU.

When conformity is certified by an Accredited Institution, the vendor must submit all drawings, bill of materials, and other pertinent product specifications, on the basis of which the Institution has issued its certification report.



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